Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Flooded Bathroom in Menifee, CA

This flooded bathroom in Menifee, CA had a toilet overflow. The water reached all over the bathroom causing the hardwood flooring and lower walls to damaged. Th... READ MORE

Clearing Out a Water-Damaged Ceiling and Wall in Menifee, CA

This living room in Menifee, CA had water damage on the wall and ceiling. Our SERVPRO® technician is clearing out the damaged material and insulation inside... READ MORE

Water-Damaged Room in Perris, CA

This water-damaged living room in Perris, CA was the result of a broken pipe inside the ceiling. The water damaged affected the entire wall as well as the floor... READ MORE

Ceiling Collapse from Water Damage

This ceiling in Perris, CA had its celling collapse due to too much water seeping into the ceiling. The water damage effected the entire ceiling and surrounding... READ MORE

Hardwood Floor Cut Out

This hardwood floor in Lake Elsinore, CA was the result of a dishwasher malfunction from the kitchen behind it. Notice the extent of how much of the hardwood fl... READ MORE

A Ceiling Clear Out

This ceiling in Lake Elsinore, CA took in water damage from a few broken pipes. Our team had to climb up more than 20 feet to reach the top. The after picture w... READ MORE

Flooded guest room in Lake Elsinore, CA

This flooded guest room in Lake Elsinore, CA was the result of a broken pipe from the guest bathroom on the other side of the wall. Notice the extent of the wa... READ MORE

kitchen island damaged from water loss in Lake Elsinore / Perris , CA

This kitchen island suffered water damage after a broken pipe got most all the island wet. Most of the water damage was beyond what the eye can see. We have spe... READ MORE

Water Damage in The Ceiling

The damage to the ceiling in this kitchen is caused by a leak in the upstairs master bathroom. The leak was so bad it started pouring through the ceiling and th... READ MORE

Flooded Living Room in Corona, CA.

This home in Corona, CA. had a flood that affected the living room, master bedroom and the master bathroom. The photos are showing a before and after of the dem... READ MORE

Flooded Hallway and Master Bedroom

This home in Riverside, CA. had a water leak. The leak caused damage in the front entry hallway and the master bedroom. SERVPRO came in and cut out the damaged ... READ MORE

Flooded Kitchen In Murrieta CA.

This kitchen in Murrieta, CA. was flooded due to a pipe leak in the master bathroom. The extent of the damage was far greater than pictured here. The kitchen fl... READ MORE