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Any disaster, any time. Image of emojis.

Any disaster, any time.

If your home or property suffers fire damage, we are here to help you make it "Like it never even happened." Our crews will help to fix, restore and repair your property. 

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Here To Help.

When disaster strikes like a broken pipe, appliance malfunction or a roof leak and causes water damage we are Here To Help. Our crews are here to help you make it "Like it never even happened." 

Large Water Loss at a Country Club

Large Water Loss at a Country Club

The public restrooms at the Country Club flooded and manged to make it to the pro-shop and through some of the restaurant on property. The water was extracted and dried quickly and was able to remain open for business. 

Infrared Water Detection

Infrared Water Detection

The main source of loss in this home was due to water in the upstairs bathroom. This is one of the many tools that SERVPRO uses to detect where water and moisture is still located. This is with  blue showing us where it is still wet.

water loss in office at local elementary school. office cleared out and fans placed for drying

Water loss in Riverside at Magnolia Elementary

This local elementary school suffered a water loss from a drinking fountian that leaked in the office / library area. SERVPRO of Lake Elsinore / Perris was onsite in less than an hour to we packed out the library and drying it out. 

If you experienced a water loss call SERVPRO of Lake Elsinore / Perris  at 951-674-4006

new hall bathroom with new floors and paint

water damage to guest bathroom

Faster to any size disaster. This homeowner had a water loss from the master bathroom and flooded under walls to the guest hall bathroom. They reacted fast and Called SERVPRO of Lake Elsinore / Perris and we got out there and dried the home out and did the reconstruction, they have new floors and paint. 

Holy Fire in Lake Elsinore, CA

The fire shown in this photo has been ravishing our community. Over 25,000 acres burned. The surrounding neighborhoods were evacuated to the local high school and received care from the American Red Cross and SERVPRO of Lake Elsinore.

Water in Hallway

This house was completely flooded. The homeowner was displaced for 3 months due to the damage. The mitigation potion took a week to complete. The rebuild took 2 and a half months.

Roof Tarp

This house had a leak in the roof due to a wind storm. Luckily they caught it quickly and can have it repaired before the next storm! The team worked hard to get this tarp up.

Living Room Demo

This is the demolition done to a part of the living room after a water loss. The home was flooded through the kitchen, living room and two bedrooms and had all the flooring removed.

Mold Containment

When performing a mold job, the guys will put up a containment unit, like this one, so that the mold isn't spread anywhere else during the cleaning, removal and air scrubbing.

Protective Gear!

These are a few of our guys modeling PPE for our enjoyment and testing out their new masks. SERVPRO is all about safety first and making sure that everyone is protected while in the field!

Soot Damage in Bathroom

This home had a large fire towards the front. The rest of the house suffered from pretty extensive soot damage. This is the bathroom showing part of the tub, walls and fireplace all with soot.

Fire Damage in Canyon Lake

This home caught fire and caused pretty heavy damage to the front of the home. As you can see, the roof of the garage doesn't exist anymore. We had to brace the walls and create a temporary roof so the structure didn't collapse in on itself.

Minor Water Damage to Ceiling

This is a job that had minor water damage throughout their entire ceiling. The tiles, and insulation were removed to be able to find exactly where the leak was coming from. 

Water Loss at a Boys and Girls Club

This is a water loss that occurred at a local Boys and Girls Club. The entire front entry way and two of the classrooms were affected. We removed the damaged materials and proceeded to dry the area.

Wind Damage To Roof

The high winds in Southern California, known as Santa Ana Winds, can cause severe damage when they kick up debris or blow just wrong on the roof. This roof was damaged due to high winds in the area.

Fire Damage Localized to The Garage

The fire damage in this home was caused by a larger area fire. Luckily, the most damage was done in the garage area of the home. While the rest of the home suffered smoke damage the garage was destroyed.

Fallbrook Fires

This was an unfortunate event in the Fallbrook area. Southern California is known for it's wildfires. This fire took out many homes in this neighborhood. We were able to help clear much of the debris and get them on the road to recovery. 

After a Storm

This is the board-up performed by our crew after a storm blew debris into this window and damaged it. We took out the remaining glass and boarded the window up until a new window could be installed.

Water Damaged Ceiling

This photo shows water coming in through the ceiling from a loss upstairs. The ceiling is leaking into the kitchen and living areas of this home. The leak was contained and we were able to get the mitigation done quickly!

Water Under Partially Removed Carpet

This photo shows the water damage under the partially removed carpet in an apartment. The water came in under the walls from a different area in the house. The carpet and drywall were removed to fully dry everything properly.

Mold Under The Kitchen Sink

This photo shows water damage and mold growing under a kitchen sink. The homeowners didn't notice the slow leak until the board caved in due to mold and rot. 

Mold at an Elementary School

This is mold that was found at an elementary school. The school called us as soon as they found it so we could perform mold remediation and get the kids back into the classroom as quickly as possible!

After a Mold Job

This is the after pics of a mold job performed by SERVPRO of Lake Elsinore. The room was contained and the affected areas were dealt with accordingly. The customers were very satisfied.

Canyon Lake House Fire

This house fire started in the garage but covered most of the home in damage and soot. As you can see in this photo, the upstairs roof was pretty severely damaged.

Water loss at Home Depot

The local Home Depot suffered a water loss and called SERVPRO of Lake Elsinore/Menifee/Perris to extract the water and dry the area. The whole store was affected but they were very pleased with how quickly we got them operational again!

Mold Remediation

This is a mold remediation job for a commercial bathroom. The wall was removed which revealed a large amount of mold. The process for removal took several days but the customer was very pleased with the end result.

Water loss on a commercial bathroom

This loss was caused by a slow water leak in the bathroom of a commercial building that lead to a mold issue. The customers called us in for the mitigation and the mold remediation.

Bathroom Leak in Commercial Building

A toilet overflowed in this bathroom in a commercial building. The water was extracted and the carpets removed due to the category of loss. The company was very pleased with the speedy service provided by their local SERVPRO!

Water Loss At The School District

The loss was caused by a back up of the toilets that reached most of the floor in this school district building. SERVPRO of Lake Elsinore/Menifee/Perris was on site and starting the job within 30 minutes of the call!

Soot Damage

The front entry of this home sustained soot damage and water damage due to an explosion in the garage. The fire was contained mostly to the garage and kitchen. Thankfully, the family is safe.

Fire Damage in a Kitchen

The damage to this home was caused by a car exploding in the garage. Thankfully, no one was in the home when it happened. The kitchen had minor damage to some of the cabinets.

Fire Damage

The fire damage to this home was caused by a vehicle exploding in the garage. The entire garage was demolished and the inside had massive smoke damage. Thankfully, no one was harmed during this event.

Infrared Water Detection

The main source of loss in this home was due to water in the bathroom. This is one of the many tools that SERVPRO uses to detect where water is still located. This is the wall in the bathroom, with all the blue showing us where it is still wet behind the walls and floors.

Damaged Carpet Removal

Due to a water loss in the home, the team had to remove all the carpet in the hallways to make sure the environment would dry properly. The loss encompassed, the bathroom and two bedrooms as well.