Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Containment

When performing a mold job, the guys will put up a containment unit, like this one, so that the mold isn't spread anywhere else during the cleaning, removal and air scrubbing.

Protective Gear!

These are a few of our guys modeling PPE for our enjoyment and testing out their new masks. SERVPRO is all about safety first and making sure that everyone is protected while in the field!

Mold Under The Kitchen Sink

This photo shows water damage and mold growing under a kitchen sink. The homeowners didn't notice the slow leak until the board caved in due to mold and rot. 

Mold at an Elementary School

This is mold that was found at an elementary school. The school called us as soon as they found it so we could perform mold remediation and get the kids back into the classroom as quickly as possible!

After a Mold Job

This is the after pics of a mold job performed by SERVPRO of Lake Elsinore. The room was contained and the affected areas were dealt with accordingly. The customers were very satisfied.

Mold Remediation

This is a mold remediation job for a commercial bathroom. The wall was removed which revealed a large amount of mold. The process for removal took several days but the customer was very pleased with the end result.