Water Damage Photo Gallery

corner of a room that has water damage and a bucket is being used for the water to fall in

Water Damaged Bedroom in Lake Elsinore, CA

We found this at an inspection done for water damage.

If you need to use a bucket to catch water, it’s time to call the professionals.

SERVPRO of Lake Elsinore / Perris / Menifee Northwest offers water restoration services. You can call us anytime as we operate 24/7/365.

picture is of a garage ceiling that took in water damage and has water spread around the area

Roof Maintenance is Key!

This residential property suffered water damage from a few roof leaks. Here’s a friendly reminder that roof maintenance is important. This leaky roof caused damage to the ceiling of this garage and mold started to grow.

Need assistance with water damage restoration or mold remediation?

Just contact SERVPRO Lake Elsinore / Perris / Menifee Northwest! They will be the first to arrive & walk you through the cleaning, restoration, & construction step by step.

kitchen walls being taken out due to water damage

Demoed a Water Damaged Kitchen

It’s behind-the-scenes time!

See how our team of professionals demoed the area to dry the framing. Now we wait for the reconstruction process to happen.

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Water in Hallway

This house was completely flooded. The homeowner was displaced for 3 months due to the damage. The mitigation potion took a week to complete. The rebuild took 2 and a half months.

Living Room Demo

This is the demolition done to a part of the living room after a water loss. The home was flooded through the kitchen, living room and two bedrooms and had all the flooring removed.

Water Damaged Ceiling

This photo shows water coming in through the ceiling from a loss upstairs. The ceiling is leaking into the kitchen and living areas of this home. The leak was contained and we were able to get the mitigation done quickly!

Water Under Partially Removed Carpet

This photo shows the water damage under the partially removed carpet in an apartment. The water came in under the walls from a different area in the house. The carpet and drywall were removed to fully dry everything properly.

Infrared Water Detection

The main source of loss in this home was due to water in the bathroom. This is one of the many tools that SERVPRO uses to detect where water is still located. This is the wall in the bathroom, with all the blue showing us where it is still wet behind the walls and floors.

Damaged Carpet Removal

Due to a water loss in the home, the team had to remove all the carpet in the hallways to make sure the environment would dry properly. The loss encompassed, the bathroom and two bedrooms as well.